A Significant Birthday

The way you measure a society’s soul is by the way that it treats its children.
Nelson Mandela

Issue No. 118 – 14 May 2012

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A Significant Birthday

I recently celebrated a significant birthday, along with a friend whose birthday was close to mine. Consequently almost all of April was spent partying including catching up with friends and relatives from interstate and overseas as well as local people whom I seldom see these days due to the constant busy-ness of life. It was all great fun and it got me thinking about the importance of celebrating birthdays, of taking time out to stop and have fun for a change.

Some people can’t be bothered or maybe they think it’s a reminder that they’re getting older, but what if the birthday you ignored was your last? And at what stage of life did these people stop thinking they were so unimportant that their birthdays were not worthy of recognition? More importantly, why did they start thinking this way?

Lots of teachers recognize those children who are having birthdays by singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song, which is always a good thing to do. Never miss an opportunity to burst into song at the drop of a hat, even if you can’t sing – the children are very forgiving and they love to sing. (I am referring to early childhood here with the bursting into song thing.) For some children having the class sing to them may be the only recognition they get of their importance in the world and isn’t that a bit sad? Every child needs to grow up believing they matter, and at what other time do we ever feel ‘special’ for want of a better word, than on our birthday? And where does this feeling come from? Our childhood, of course, when we asked our parents for months beforehand when it was going to be our birthday and what cake we were going to have and what games we were going to play… When the day dawned it was like Christmas except we were the only one having presents, and there it or they would be, at the bottom of our bed, waiting for us when we woke up. This is not the reality for some children so it is important to make a fuss of those who don’t appear to have what most children take for granted. Furthermore, going to a friend’s birthday party, or having friends come to yours, especially when the children are very young, is so important for their social and emotional development.

Maybe if you could do your philosophy sessions with your children (See Kidz Newz #103) perhaps the birthday child could blow out the candle, as a special treat. But I know I’m preaching to the converted here. It’s just a reminder to not forget those in the class whose lives may not be quite what we’d like for our own children.

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Quote of the Week

“The only time you should be sad about having a birthday, is when you don’t have one.” ~ Source Unknown


All I Need to Know About Birthdays I Learned From My Cat (from a birthday card)

* Be finicky. They’ll try harder to please you
* Give attitude. Get attention.
* If you don’t like your present, sulk.
* Never tell your age.
* If you get bored at your party, just curl up for a nap.
* Don’t stress out over your first grey whisker.
* Act completely unimpressed by the presents you receive.
* Paws and reflect on what life has given you.
* Remember, this is your day, so if anyone bugs you you’re allowed to hiss and spit.
* Take the day off and lie in the sun.
* Stay out on the prowl all night long.
* Demand only the most expensive fresh fish for dinner.
* It’s a good day to shed your inhibitions.
* Act catty.
* Toy with your presents before you tear them open.
* Spend some quality time in the litterbox.
* Don’t overdo it with the catnip or you’ll regret it in the morning.
* If you aren’t getting enough attention, sharpen your claws on somebody’s leg.
* Don’t let anyone or anything put you out!

That’s OK for cats, but this is my party. I’m seen here cutting the cake with Eloise, star of Scarf Magic, who told me that I must have a cake.

Feedback (Comments from the Geraldton (WA) PD in August 2011)

Q: What was the most useful thing you learned today?  

“Music isn’t just about singing and instruments.”

“Ribbon sticks and scarves. I love the scarves.”

“Different techniques with different props, relaxation.”

“I think attending a music PD revitalises you (they are not often enough).”

“Variations to children’s learning.”

“Different ways to use scarves! And how easy it is to use other languages.”

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