It’s OK to Quit

The way you measure a society’s soul is by the way that it treats its children.
Nelson Mandela

Issue No. 74 – 5th August 2009

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It’s OK to Quit

I came across this article in Wayne Mansfield’s Spiritmail Newsletter of 21st May 2009 and decided it was so good I had to share it with you.

1. Quit arguing with people about the same old foolishness! Respect their position and keep it moving!

2. Quit telling people your secrets when you know they are not going to keep them! And if you keep telling them, then quit getting mad when they tell your secrets!

3. Quit trying to pull people on your journey who don’t want to travel with you. Either they believe in you and value you…or they don’t!

4.. Quit complaining about things you can’t and won’t change!

5. Quit gossiping about other people! Minding our own business should be a full time job!

6. Quit blaming each other for things that in the big picture aren’t going to matter three weeks from now! Talk solutions…and then implement them!

7. Quit eating things you know are not good for you! If you can’t quit…eat smaller portions!

8. Quit buying things when we know we can’t afford them! If you don’t have self control, then quit going to the stores! Quit charging things, especially when you don’t NEED them!

9. Quit staying in unhealthy relationships! It is not okay for people to verbally or physically abuse you! So quit lying to yourself! It is not okay to stay in the marriage for the children! Ask them and they will tell you that they really would prefer to see you happy and that the misery you and your spouse/partner are living with is affecting them!

10. Quit letting family members rope you into the drama! -Start telling them you don’t want to hear it! Quit spreading the drama! Quit calling other relatives and telling them about your cousin or aunt! Go back to #5 minding your own business should be enough to keep you busy!

11. Quit trying to change people! IT DOESN’T WORK! Quit cussing people out when you know that they are just being the miserable and jealous people that they are!

12. Quit the job you hate! Start pursuing your passion. Find the job that fuels your passion BEFORE you quit!

13.. Quit volunteering for things that you aren’t getting any personal fulfilment from anymore! Quit volunteering for things and then failing to follow through with your commitment!

14. Quit listening to the naysayers! Quit watching the depressing news if you are going to live in the doom and gloom of it all!

15. Quit making excuses about why you are where you are or why you can’t do what you want to do!

16. Quit waiting on others to give you the answers….and start finding the answers for yourself! If what you are doing isn’t working for you…..then quit it!

17. Quit settling and start making your dreams a reality!

Quit being afraid and START LIVING YOUR LIFE! CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! If you want something different than what you have had in the past…you must quit doing what you have done before and DO something different!

JUST QUIT IT…and START DOING something to create the experience you want! “

— Veraunda Jackson

P.S. I wonder if you realise that if you start smoking at 21, and smoke 2 packets a day that cost $10 each, you spend $7,280.00 per year on cigarettes.

If you continue smoking, your average remaining life expectancy is roughly 49 more years. At $10.00 per pack, this would work out to $356,720.00 spent on cigarettes.

However, taking into account increases in the price of cigarettes, you would actually spend $2,103,979.45. But if you were to take that money instead and invest it at 5% interest, you would end up with $5,153,077.29 at the end of the 49 years.

Quotes of the Week

Be the Biggest winner wanting to win. Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is. Success is connected with continuous action. It’s largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go. You’re not finished when you’re defeated. You’re only finished when you quit. You can start fresh any time you choose. Your failure is not in the falling down, but in the staying down. It’s not over until it’s over. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. If you’ve got the courage to stick it out, you can win. The most important quality essential to success is PERSEVERANCE. Be the biggest winner wanting to win.
~ Shelley Taylor Smith


Spend a few moments watching this inspirational video and if you have any teenagers in your midst, make sure they watch it too.

Are you going to finish strong?


Some comments from ASME Summer School in Perth

Great relaxation exercise! Also the songs in different languages.

Some great practical ideas – ready to use in the classroom.

It was very worthwhile and inspirational for the early years setting.

Very helpful for people new to lower primary.

Good reminder that little children are little children.

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