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Issue 1

10 Steps to Successful Music Teaching in the EC Classroom Steps 1-4

Issue 2

10 Steps to Successful Music Teaching in the EC Classroom Steps 5-8

Issue 3

10 Steps to Successful Music Teaching in the EC Classroom Steps 9-10

Issue 4

Equipment in the Early Childhood Classroom - Scarves

Issue 5

Equipment in the Early Childhood Classroom - Tapping Sticks

Issue 6

Equipment in the Early Childhood Classroom - Hoops

Issue 7

Equipment in the Early Childhood Classroom - Ribbon Sticks

Issue 8

A Turn In The Road by Robert Ringer - Inspirational Essay

Issue 9

The Star Thrower by Loren Eiseley - Inspirational Story

Issue 10

Memorable Experiences with Tom Murrell and Robyn Henderson

Issue 11

Lucas Haynes and Simha - An Inspirational Story of Overcoming a Learning Disability

Issue 12

Margaret, Mabel and Jimmy - The Importance of Reading

Issue 13

Simple Ways to Bring Balance Into Your Workday

Issue 14

Shay - A Story of True Love and Humanity

Issue 15

New Year's Resolutions - Some Practical Tips

Issue 16

ADD/ADHD and Chemical Overload

Issue 17

Fat Kids

Issue 18

Iodine Deficiency and Development

Issue 19


Issue 20


Issue 21

The Death Clock - Your Choice

Issue 22

New Book

Issue 23

Carrot, Egg and Coffee

Issue 24

Computers and Email

Issue 25

Personalities, Children and You

Issue 26

Kyle - An Inspirational Story

Issue 27


Issue 28

Life Lessons From Colonel Sanders

Issue 29

Dealing With Indigo Children

Issue 30

Rising to the Occasion - The End of Year Concert

Issue 31

Happy New Year!

Issue 32

Crunch and Sip

Issue 33

Nurturing Kids' Hearts and Souls

Issue 34

Fit Kids

Issue 35

Acknowledging the Inner Child

Issue 36

Is this the Easter Bunny?

Issue 37

Love in a Paper Bag

Issue 38

Overcoming Adversity

Issue 39

His name was Fleming

Issue 40

How to Climb Mountains

Issue 41

Why Self-Publish?

Issue 42

The Need for a Highly Developed Imagination

Issue 43

Laughter IS the Best Medicine

Issue 44

Tidy Kids - Is this an Oxymoron?

Issue 45

Kaizen Explains the Margin of Greatness!

Issue 46

Beware the Humble Sausage Sizzle!

Issue 47

The Importance of Using Music from Other Cultures

Issue 48

Loving Your Wobbly Bits

Issue 49

It's All About Balance

Issue 50

Is There a Santa Claus?

Issue 51

The Christmas Letter

Issue 52

Whose Life Have you Touched Today?

Issue 53

Finding Your Purpose

Issue 54

How Brilliant Are You?

Issue 55

Singing in Schools

Issue 56

The Importance of Good Grammar

Issue 57

Life's Greatest Lesson's: 20 Things That Matter

Issue 58

The Importance of Fingerplays

Issue 59


Issue 60

Sisyphus and The Morning Show

Issue 61

Children Who Are Different

Issue 62

Move to Learn

Issue 63

Having Vision

Issue 64

Some Strategies for Calming Children

Issue 65

Today I Will Make a Difference

Issue 66

Lessons from a Business Coach

Issue 67

A Selfless Act

Issue 68

Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

Issue 69

The Law of Attraction and Puss-kittens

Issue 70

Starting Out Again

Issue 71

Primitive Reflexes

Issue 72

Learning to Learn Some Strategies

Issue 73

Going Green

Issue 74

It's OK to Quit

Issue 75

A Question or a Lesson

Issue 76

Technology - Marvellous - When it Works!

Issue 77

One Man's Legacy

Issue 78

I'm Alive, I'm Well and I Feel Great!

Issue 79

The Love Story of The Ampelmann

Issue 80

Miracles Cost Just One Dollar Eleven Cents!

Issue 81

How Noise & Nervous System Get in Way of Reading Skills

Issue 82

Vale Jim Rohn

Issue 83

My Wish for you in 2010

Issue 84

Creating the WOW! Factor in Your Classroom

Issue 85

Why is Fun so Important in Teaching?

Issue 86

What can we Learn from Penguins?

Issue 87


Issue 88

ANZAC Day - Not just about ANZACs

Issue 89

Daring to Dream

Issue 90

New Product Available - Scarves!

Issue 91

Lessons from the Soccer World Cup

Issue 92

Behavioural Optometry

Issue 93

Why There is No Link Between Cancer & Mobile Phones

Issue 94


Issue 95

Getting Started - Great School Projects

Issue 96

Puppies for Sale

Issue 97

Some Fit and Healthy Role Models (and they're kids!)

Issue 98

The Brain that Changes Itself

Issue 99

Win Puts Teacher in Class of her Own

Issue 100

Tough Love

Issue 101

The Whale

Issue 102

Achieve the Future You Desire

Issue 103

Philosophy for Four-Year-Olds

Issue 104

The Traditions of Easter

Issue 105

Glasses in Classes

Issue 106


Issue 107

Music Helps Parenting

Issue 108

Tempus Fugit

Issue 109

Education, Physical Activity & Aging

Issue 110

The Benefits of Dr Seuss

Issue 111

The Power of the Story

Issue 112

Exercise and the Brain

Issue 113

Background Music in the Classroom

Issue 114

The Destructive Force of Criticism

Issue 115

New Years' Resolutions - Why Don't They Work?

Issue 116

Food for Thought

Issue 117

A Tale of Two Bunnies (a fable)

Issue 118

A Significant Birthday

Issue 119

Having Passion

 Issue 120

The Power of a Winning Routine

Issue 121

Bedtime Stories

Issue 122

Ways to Improve Working Memory over the Holidays

Issue 123

'Tis the Season to be Jolly

Issue 124

Some New Year Thoughts

Issue 125

The Sexiness of Goldfish

Issue 126

Having a Baby Chinese Style

Issue 127

One Small Action, One Big Difference - Bringing Music to Your Ears

Issue 128

Why we need to keep a sense of perspective

Issue 129

Drama in the Classroom

Issue 130

Cranky Old Man

Issue 131


Issue 132

The Stress of Change

Issue 133

Your Easter Gift – De-Stress

Issue 134

Writing That Makes Sense

Issue 135

The Value of Play

Issue 136

Teach Kids to Sing

Issue 137

Why We Need Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden

Issue 138

Emotional Intelligence

Issue 139

Music and Movement in 2015

Issue 140

Vale Barbara Pheloung – Move to Learn

Issue 141

Easter Craft

Issue 142

Education Ruby...

Issue 143

Slaying Dragons

Issue 144

What can you do with a paper bag?

Issue 145

Sleep Apnoea and Child Development

Issue 146

Anything is Possible

Issue 147


Issue 148

Movement and its Many Benefits

Issue 149


Issue 150

Music on the Brain

Issue 151

Why Are Finnish Schools So Successful?

Issue 152


Issue 153

Scarves Galore!

Issue 154


Issue 155

Today’s Children in Tomorrow’s World

Issue 156

A Library is a Rainbow

Issue 157

Laugh and the World Laughs With You

Issue 158

Choosing Leaders

Issue 159

Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble

Issue 160

Robots in the Classroom

Issue 161

Who’s Listening When You Think No one Is?

Issue 162

The Importance of Sensory Play

Issue 163

When Fundamental Movement Is Not Fundamental

Issue 164

Wake Up It’s Christmas!

Issue 165

Merry Christmas!

Issue 166

Sing Your Heart Out

Issue 167

Beware the ‘Ugly Parent’

Issue 168


Issue 169

Vale Richard Gill AO

Issue 170

Richard Gill’s Legacy Lives On

Issue 171

When Experts Get It Wrong

Issue 172

The Importance of Dance in Schools

Issue 173

The Importance of Recess Time

Issue 174

Music AND Movement

Issue 175

Technology and Kids

Issue 176

The Many Benefits of Music

Issue 177

Let It Go

Issue 178

The Bliss of Solitude

Issue 179

What is a Teacher?

Issue 180


Issue 181

What Matters?

Issue 182

Sensory Play?

Issue 183

Teaching Music Through Dance