Sing Your Heart Out

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Kidz Newz #166 – 28 February 2018

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Sing Your Heart Out

I read all sorts of articles on health and this one was all about heart health and the connection with singing! It comes from cardiologist Dr Steven Gundry MD. This is what he says –

‘…singing enhances something called: heart rate variability, or HRV (basically, the small differences in time between your heart beats).  Now, your HRV is incredibly important. It’s a telling sign of your heart’s overall health. If there’s too much variability between your heart beats, it puts a ton of stress on your heart. And over time, that can lead to some serious danger. But when there’s more balance between each beat, that gives your most important organ the time it needs to “catch its breath.”

So, how does singing factor into your heart rate variability? Well, singing is all about breathing. When you sing, your breaths become bigger, deeper, and slower. And in the process, these tiny “in between” beats begin to slow down. Basically, it provides a “dose” of calm to your heart. According to my colleague, Dr. Björn Vickhoff:

“Song is a form of regular, controlled breathing, since breathing out occurs on the song phrases and inhaling takes place between these, it gives you pretty much the same effect as yoga breathing. It helps you relax, and there are indications that it does provide a heart benefit.”

Who would’ve thought singing your favorite song could have such amazing heart health benefits?’

Who would have thought indeed! So next time it’s too wet, hot or otherwise inclement outside for the children to run around, get them singing their hearts out. Dr Gundry’s reference is here –

Vickhoff, B., Malmgren, H., Åström, R., et. al., Music structure determines heart rate variability of singers. Frontiers in Psychology. 2013; 4: 334. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00334

ASME Summer School

It was wonderful to meet so many new people and reconnect with ‘old buddies’ at this event last month. I have presented at Summer School many times and what I always find is a relaxed yet upbeat atmosphere. Everyone is so excited to be there, to share, to learn, to network and to have fun. The most telling aspect of all is that it is held during the long summer holidays when everyone is refreshed and recovered from the Christmas celebrations and not quite yet into back-to-school mode. It is noticeably different from the usual conference atmosphere.

You do not have to be a music specialist to attend these events. In fact, I think you come from a different perspective when you do so. I cannot recommend the Summer School enough, irrespective of whether you are a music specialist or class teacher. This year there was a big section on early childhood music but there’s always something for everyone – including getting your kids singing! If your school doesn’t have a music specialist, get in touch with an organisation like ASME (the Australian Society for Music Education) or an equivalent in your country, and find out how to get started. Not every child will take to playing an instrument but everyone can sing.

Back to School Specials

You need to email me directly to get these specials as they won’t appear on the website – or phone me in Australia on 0410 642 781. These will last only until Friday 16 March.

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New Year – New Website

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Quote of the Week

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. Chinese proverb.

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.   Henry Van Dyke

Excellence can be obtained if you care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe, dream more than others think is practical, and expect more than others think is possible. source unknown


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Have fun while you sing and add a little drama. Enjoy! Click here.

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