Teaching Music Through Dance

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Kidz Newz #183 – 7th December 2020

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Teaching Music Through Dance

I have written before about the importance of incorporating movement, especially dance, into music teaching (go to the archive – #47, #172, #174) and I was reminded of this recently while helping a Canadian friend edit her memoir manuscript. In it she talks about her year eight music teacher who was teaching the students ‘world music’. In this class the students were taught to recognize the music from different countries, then different regions within the same country, to recognize the different instruments used and in some cases learning to play those instruments! They were also taught the folk songs from the different countries and they took great pride in being able to pronounce the words correctly, even though they had no idea what those words meant. Above all, they were taught the folk dances – and traditional costumes – that accompanied these traditional pieces of music, recognizing how the dance steps matched the musical notes and tones. Of course, they also needed to learn the geography and ethnography of the regions as they covered them. In this way, the learning is layered, as it should be. Astonishingly, the students loved the class so much that they used to put on folk-dance performances regularly because they had become so proficient, such was their love of the dancing! And this was the music class! The teacher even invited the students to take part in weekend dance workshops where visiting teachers from Europe and the USA would come to teach various folk dances. The music class continued throughout the high school years and the enthusiasm was maintained because of the enthusiasm of the teacher.

The point is, music is different things to different people and the way to engage your students may well be something like dance, which you may not have seriously considered a valuable aspect of the teaching of music. I suggest you give it a try. You might just be surprised. If you are teaching much younger children you would adapt your class accordingly but you can still incorporate dance. In fact, I highly recommend that you do. Want music from other countries? Try the kidz-fiz-biz Multicultural book.

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Quotes of the Week

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Great activities for Music and PE –Mary Happ, Primary Music Specialist, Our Lady of Lourdes, Nollamara

It was excellent. I would have liked more time for more! Karen I Bigwood

I’ve just picked up your book again Marlene (having a Kindy class and all) and I love it! Just want to say thanks…I’ve had a fun morning listening to all the music and songs on CD1!
(Jessica McCaul)

I have found comfort and reassurance in your newsletters over the years. It’s hard to find time to do extra reading and so many emails get sent through but I never delete yours – they are short, sweet and inspiring.
(Jessica McCaul)


One of the oldies but goodies I thought I’d recycle because I love it. Enjoy!

Happy Christmas from Australia

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Have a wonderful Christmas break and sane end of term.
So long and thanks for all the fish …

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