Kidz-Fiz-Biz – Learning through Drama, Dance and Song



This is the Revised 2nd Edition of the extremely popular original. Although some tracks of music and activities have changed, the themes remain and there are still 48 tracks of fantastic music on 2 audio CDs.

“How wonderful to have this new book for the very young child! Clearly written and sweetly illustrated. A charming book, I recommend it.”
– Dr Betty Rudd, Chartered Psychologist and Teacher

“The uniqueness of the author’s approach to learning by using combined senses and intelligences to helhelp children have fun with learning, to grow confidently as a person and to encourage good dedevelopment of neural pathways, are essential in our mind/body co-ordination later on in life.
Children love being involved and listened to and this book has some excellent practical examples w which allow this to happen. Educators like Marlene Rattigan should be encouraged to share their knknowledge. I will certainly recommend this book.”

– K Kathleen Ginn, Developer of Rapid Sensory Learning & Conscious Creation

This is the book that has taken the world by storm.

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Kidz-Fiz-Biz – Learning through Drama, Dance and Song