If you’ve ever wanted to introduce music from around the world into your multicultural lessons, or just for fun, this is the resource for you. Appropriate for ages 2-12+, this fully illustrated book contains –

  • 57 tracks of sensational music in original language with translation
  • plus 14 fingerplays, and rhymes
  • dances to stimulate cardio-vascular development, interpretive movement and motor skills including cross-patterning
  • popular and traditional songs to sing
  • music to use with parachutes and ribbon sticks with loads of activities
  • stretching and relaxation
  • utilising an integrated approach with links to other learning areas

“Music from other countries and cultures can form links that help bind us to the human family. You can use this resource to build on children’s interests and foster all areas of development as you integrate different learning areas into music and movement experiences. These experiences can help children listen carefully, communicate in many ways, refine perceptual and memory skills, and learn music concepts. Children don’t know they are doing all this of course – they are enjoying themselves and being active – a powerful way to learn!” Loraine Corrie PhD, MA Psych of Ed, B.Ed, Dip.Tch.